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18 Ngõ 1 Âu Cơ (Xóm Chùa Kim Liên)

Giá: 150.000đ - 400.000đ

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    In the beginning, somewhere around 2005 there was Sapa Rooms, Hmong Mountain Retreat, Hanoi House, Cafe Mau, 6 on Sixteen ... then in 2011 came Tet Decor Cafe followed in 2014 with BackYard bia hoi .
    Inspired to take light, fresh, home cooked meals to the people; 2011 saw the Tet Lifestyle Collection Directors Dinh Khac Tiep and Pete Wilkes create Tet Decor Cafe. Thankfully people warmed to it all, quickly outgrowing it’s humble surroundings on Danh Thai Mai, the cafe grew and changed locations. In 2014 Maison de Tet Decor opened on Tu Hoa and spend a gloriosu 5 years in a gorgeous French Villa overlooking the West Lake. As is Hanoi, the heritage building was destroyed to make way for an ugly apartment complex, Feb 2019 Maison de Tet decor relocated to a garden setting on the banks of West Lake close to the Kim Lien Pagoda and the Intercontinental Hotel...a different vibe, the same uncompromising ethic.

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    18 Ngõ 1 Âu Cơ (Xóm Chùa Kim Liên), Tây Hồ, HN

    Điện thoại: 024 3823 9722